First look: The most shocking discovery so far with the Apple 15 Pro

It just feels lighter.

I know there are some technical reasons for this, although we’re talking a matter of ounces. 

The new Apple iPhone 15 Pro weighs about 10% less than the iPhone 14 Pro, and after so many years testing every gadget under the sun, you would think I’d eventually become more adept at telling when there’s a difference.

Holding both the previous model in one hand and the new model in the other, there’s a noticeable, palpable difference. I asked several people to hold both phones and they all had the same reaction, thinking the iPhone 15 Pro is much lighter.

One report explained it all quite well — it’s possible that this is simple physics. When you hold the phone, it feels lighter because of the titanium construction and how it’s all balanced. It’s not top heavy or weighted in the center too much. Like a perfectly balanced plate, it feels lighter because it doesn’t suddenly turn to one side or the other. It seems to float.

There are several advantages to this.

One is that I’ve found the phone really has a lightness that makes me not feel like it is weighing me down so much. It even feels lighter in my pocket, and picking it up feels bit less like a chore than other phones I’ve tested.

Another advantage so far is that I have been able to experiment with different cases. You know how this all works. The minute we start using a new phone, we know there’s a chance that we’ll drop it or cause damage in some other way. So. we use a case — but then that adds some weight. I’ve tried a couple of leather cases I might not have tried before the iPhone 15 Pro because I didn’t want to add the bulk.

Admittedly, these are not major factors. And yet, we use our phones all day. When they add bulk, it just means we are constantly picking up a small brick, almost dropping it, or getting a minor workout if the phone is too bulky.

And, the main fascination here is — how did Apple do it again? I’m always amazed when there’s a new innovation like this that surprises me and makes me wonder what else a company can do to improve a gadget.

I’ll be interested to discover new features — full review posting soon!

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